Peri Infinity Series Pool Cues US Pool

Introducing one of the world champion Jayson Shaw's game kits - real precious pool cues - The Peri Infinity series. The rarest exotic ebony and Cocobolo wood are used as the main materials that create these supreme "weapons". Just like the name "infinity", these cues will endow you with infinite power and achievements.

Every Infinity cue paired with the highest level shaft in Peri P20 shafts - P20-K. The P20-K shaft is made of AA-level maple from North America's alpine and cold regions.  After being kept for over 5 years in the Peri International storage, the maple will go through 7 times polishing processes. After each process, the maple must be naturally dehydrated in constant temperature and humidity. The complex and strict production results in the P20-K shaft with exceptional performance.