About Us


Who Peri is?

After a long term of researching billiard&pool cues and equipment, Peri was founded in 1995,in China, belonging to Laili Sport Equipment Co.Ltd. Nowadays, as China's No.1 billiard manufacturer who is renowned its high-end materials and great craftmanship, Peri has proven to the world that it is a brand in pursuit of real great-quality billiard cues.

The world US 9 ball & 10 ball champion, world English 8ball champion, the 2020 Mosconi Cup MVP, Scottish pool player, Jayson "The Eagle Eye" Shaw, signed a 10-year contract with Peri in 2018 as a sponsored players. This is the longest sponorship deal in the history of pool industry. As he said, "Peri cues are spimly the best I ever played with!"

The Peri factory now has over 1,000 emplyoees producing billiard equipment everyday. In order to endow billiard/pool cues with a marvelous quality and capability, Peri spent over 2 years researching and scouring the world for top-quality and rare raw materials for its products. This is also in order to follow Peri's product concept of "The Nature of Wood."

The introduction of a Peri cue needs to go through a number of proecsses, including artificial screening, classification and classification by professional technicians in the Peri wood workshop, a long-term process of natural dehydration and polishing of constant temperature and humidity, and finally a very strict quality inspection. These processes endow Peri cues with high density, elasticity, stability and durability.

Peri also dares to break through the traditional concept. While pursuing the wood essence to give rich feedback to pool players' hands, Peri has kept developing and appling various advanced technologies to ensure the perfect performance of the cues. This is as what it said, "breaking through the traditional concept and returning the natural qualities of performance."


MAXSPN Billiards - Discover Your Unique Nobility!

MAXSPN Billiards belongs to Amin Sports&Entertains LTD who registered on October 2020 in New Zealand. After testing and trying a wide rang of billiard brands' products, we desired and are commited to introduce high quality billiard equipment and its real craftmanship to this country who is full of vigor and vitality. This is how MAXSPN Billiards was founded.

I have tried a wide range of pool cues with many technologies, but when I first tried on Peri cues, I was completely surprised by the feedback and feeling they gave me. That was the great feeling that I had never gained from other cues. So now, MAXSPN Billiards is here, because we felt it the best, then we introduce the best!