Shipping Policy


The MAXSPN Billiards Shipment Policy explains how we process your orders and how you can check your parcel when it arrives. You will find a way to claim a damaged product or any shortage. MAXSPN Billiards is responsible for any error due to our fault.

When is the order processed and when will it ship?

We will process within one business day once you placed an order and you will receive a confirmation by email.

All the stock items will be shipped every business day excluding holidays according to the time the order is placed. Your order may be shipped in the day of you place the order if your purchase confirmation is made before 2 pm. For orders placed after 2 pm, the items would be shipped in the following business day.

Please notice that the above shipment schedule is applied to all the stock items. MAXSPN Billiards also display and sell high-end billiard cues and billiard tables on the site while some of them may not be in stock. You may pre-order a product that is not in stock. We advise you to contact us by email at or by phone at +64 27 882 6363 before you pre-order an item. The product that you pre-order will be processed by MAXSPN Billiards in one business day and shipped from the oversea manufacturer. Please notice that the shipping time on a pre-order item would be longer than that of a normal national shipment. However, no additional shipping fees will happen since we understand that is not our honoured customers’ responsibility.


To check my order:

Once your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. You can use the tracking number to track your shipment once the parcel is scanned by the shipping provider. We will also provide a link via email for you to easily track your item on the shipping provider’s site or APP.


Items arrive damaged and with shortage:

  1. We will send our customers products with perfect status with records:

MAXSPN Billiards carefully inspects and records the status of every item before we ship it, and use very protective and specific packaging materials to protect your purchased items, to make sure we have sent you products with perfect quality. If you have any questions about the item we shipped, please contact us via email We have no influence on the shipping service provided by the shipping company. However, we will try our best to help our customer sort the damage problems due to the shipment;

  1. Please inspect your parcel carefully when it arrives and claim the problems:


To help protect our customers’ rights to the maximum extent, MAXSPN Billiards sincerely advises our customers to follow the tips as shown below:

  • We sincerely advise you to inspect the package before you open it. If you find any damages on the package, please first make sure you note the damaged part (it will be the best that you have a video or photo record) and call MAXSPN Billiards at +64 27 882 6363 If the delivery driver is still present, please notify the driver about the damage. If possible, please note the damage before you sign the delivery receipt and ask the driver to open the parcel with you because the merchandises would be affected when the package is already damage. This is to ensure the damage claims can well process, because an inspection on the package may be required by the shipping provider before they pay for a claim.
  • If you find the damages on the merchandises you have received after delivery, please make sure you record the damages (video or photo) and notify company MAXSPN Billiard at +64 27 882 6363 the delivery company immediately. Also, please make sure that you have retained all the package materials, carton and receipts.
  • We guarantee that we ship all the items that you purchased, but we cannot promise there will not be some little parts missing due to the delivery. If you find any items lost, please note and record your order and contact MAXSPN Billiards to report/claim the shortage within 3 business days since delivery.
  • If it is verified that the defect of the product is caused by MAXSPN Billiards, we will replace or repair the product for you immediately without additional charges (Note: About more information product warranty, please refer to the MAXSPN Billiards Warranty & Return Policy). Also, please note that differences in colour between pictures shown on our website and the physical products cannot be perfectly the same. Stains, occasionally, are inevitable, although we have done our best to avoid these problems. In the billiard cue making process, the makers need to make each cue according to the shape of each carefully selected wood, in order to ensure their nature.


MAXSPN Billiards reserves the right of the final interpretation of our service and product sold.